Ballentine Beer - 1939 World's Fair Limerick

We've planned the Inn to please you,
We serve every last Ballentine's brew.
The food's a delight,
The prices are right,

The Drinker - Vintage Limerick Beer Postcard

Of "tanks" he's the largest and worst
Three breweries live by his thirst
To drink beer by the tun
Is his idea of fun
And some day he will certainly burst.

Here's To The Girl I Love - A Vintage Beer Limerick Postcard

Here's to the girl I love
I wish that she were nigh
If drinking beer
Would bring her here
I'd drink the whole place dry.

The Irish Trilogy - Part 1 - Harp Lager

'Tis sure I'll be wearing the green,
When the calendar says March seventeen,
I'll drink a few Harp,
Till my wits become sharp,
Just try some, you'll know what I mean.

The Irish Trilogy - Part 2 - Smithwick's

'Tis sure I'll be wearing the green,
When the calendar says March seventeen,
To help me to think,
It Smithwick's I drink,
Just try some, you'll know what I mean.

The Irish Trilogy - Part 3 - Guinness

'Tis sure we'll be wearing the green,
When the calendar says March seventeen,
We'll be happy when in us,
Are pints of black Guinness,
Just try some, you'll know what we mean.

Two Foreigners Joined With The Crew - A Classic Whiskey Limerick

Two foreigners joined with the crew
The captain roared out, "Who are you?"
The one from Bay Biscay
Said, "Letsav Awiski"
The other, "Don Cariff Fydoo."

Ballentine's Inn - 1939 World's Fair Limerick

The show at the Inn is a wow!
The chef knows his onions, and how!
The service is dandy
Just  try out your "handy"!

A Gallant Young Soldier With Beer On His Breath - A Limerick

A gallant young soldier named Copps
Was told by a maiden named Stopps
Your uniform's neat
Your kisses are sweet
But your breath smells a trifle like hops!

Here's Hoping the Cincinnati Reds Don't Lose Their Opener! A Baseball Limerick

Yes, baseball is finally here
Today's the first game of the year
Let's root for a win
'Cause it'd be a sin
If they lost and can't open the beer!

A Tippler Tending His Thirst - Vintage Beer Limerick

Said a tippler while tending his thirst,
"I could swallow good beer till I burst."
Said a temperance dame,-
"It is always the same,-
The best beer is as bad as the worst."

Golden Pheasant Beer - Dakota Brewing

Memories of it are quite pleasant
It would make a mighty fine present
It's easy to savor
The simple beer flavor
Of Dakota brewed Golden Pheasant.

Ballantine India Pale Ale World's Fair Limerick Contest

That ambitious, upstanding young Hale,
Swears by Ballantine's India Pale
Says, "It's really the thing,
To give a guy zing!

Hey Mabel

There once was a waitress named Mabel,
She'd come to you at your table,
With a smile and a wink,
She'd ask, "What'll you drink?"
For me it was Carling's Black Label.

Dortmunder Gold

It's not made in Germany, I know,

But give this good lager a go,

You'll be filled with wonder,

When tasting Dortmunder,

Thanks be to Great Lakes Brewing Co.

The King of Beers? A Budweiser Beer Limerick

Hopheads think this beer's a dud,
For others, their favorite, it's Bud,
Wiser folks say,
Just drink what you may,
Your beer doesn't make you a stud.

Good Beer & Joe Plank

Good beer always tickled Joe Plank,
One evening two gallons he drank,
Then a stranger nearby,
Remarked with a sigh,
Great Scott! That's no man - that's a tank!

Contemplation On A Barstool

I sit and I think about drinking,
I hear ice plink and glass clinking,
Why wonder why
My soul gets so dry?
I just order and drink without thinking.

Budweiser, Or Older and Wiser?

When young, I did drink Budweiser,
To myself, I indeed, was no miser,
But I drank it too fast,
And often got trashed,
So now, am I older but wiser?

A Shakespeare Beer Limerick?

"Do you care much for Shakespeare?" asked she
Of the dude on the parlor settee
Said he, "Well Miss Ruth, 
To tell you the truth,
Most any old beer will suit me."

Prairie Home Companion Beer Limericks

There was a young man who loved Schlitz
Which he drank in his room at the Ritz
With pate (very rich)
And olives from which
His servants had cut out the pits.

There was a young man who loved Pabst
He drank it until he collapsed
He gave up beer
For Lent every year
And on Easter morning, relapsed.

There was a young man who loved Millers
More than all other painkillers
He drank secretly
In a dark shadowy
Doorway hidden by pillars.

There was a young man who loved Blatz
He drank it straight out of the vats
Along with a platter
Of vegetable matter
And another of animal fats.

Miss Rheingold 1953

My beer is Rheingold the dry beer
Think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer
It’s refreshing– not sweet
It’s the extra dry treat
Won’t you try Extra Dry Rheingold Beer!

THE GAME -- Ohio State v. Michigan

We must have that feeling of bliss again,
To beat them once more is our wish again,
You can't move The Game,
For dollars - that's lame,
We must end the season with Michigan!

Dublin Irish Festival Stout Cures All That Ails You!

The Day - it's finally here,
The men - they're chillin' the beer,
To fix what is troublin' ya',
Get over to Dublin ya',
The cure - a pint of good cheer!

The Elders - Dayton Celtic Festival

If it's arse kickin' music you need,

Your unending hunger to feed,

No longer be waitin'

Get over to Dayton,

You must see The Elders, indeed!

Yuengling - Since 1829 - Nothing But Limericks

Yuengling's the name of this beer,
It cannot be found 'round here,
But head to the coast,
And then you can boast,
That you drank the brew without peer.

The Praises of Beer (Wooden Shoe Lager)

I sing the praises of beer,
To everyone able to hear,
Hops, barley and yeast,
Good water, not least,
To all who imbibe - good cheer!

Johnny Tarr

Our champion, he was Johnny Tarr,

Never beaten, he was at the bar,

Perhaps he was cursed,

For he died, yea, of t'irst,

The doctor exclaimed, by gar!

The Poker Cut Up - Vintage Limerick Postcard

His dough made him feel like a cut up,
Tho' he stalled as a thought lit his nut up
Said he'd bet 'twas a cinch,
The whole works would be pinched,
But they told him to put up or shut up

The Waitress

The waitress asks, "What is it you wish?"
Whether soup or meat, dessert or fish.
She spills things galore,
In pacing the floor,
And often her thumb you'll find in the dish.